About Us

Who We Are?

Lean Automation is a system integrator and advanced automation solution provider rendering services actively to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Metal & Mining, Water & Wastewater and Utilities. Our Automation solutions are right from the plant floor to the top floor. We are ready to cooperate with the manufacturers to take them to the next level of operational excellence. We help manufacturers reach the point where potential meets performance.

We not only understand your goals, we make them happen. We combine all of that technical and manufacturing expertise with our world-class solution model to help you turn your plans into action.

Lean Automation is an adoption of Evolving Smart Automation Concepts in the world. The concepts/technologies that are helping manufacturers to improve their bottom-line by improving their Quality, Energy, Production and Maintenance. Lean Automation is investing in the sophisticated technologies of artificial intelligence to roll out advanced control based on multitude techniques of multivariable predictive control.

Our Amazing Team

None of our success would be possible without the people who work here. It’s these great people at Lean who are committed to helping you in acquiring new levels of operational excellence.