To progress and compliance with the latest technologies in the steel industry, we need to upgrade existing equipment and automation, go for new equipment, applying new technology in key processes and understanding and acting on real-time operational data in order to drive efficiency and quality in operations. Companies are also looking at vertical integration to improve visibility to manufacturing, streamline flow of data, and also link disparate data sources via data mining to find the best practices.

We provide customized solutions in all domains ranging from PLC, DCS, HMI/SCADA, Manufacturing Execution System, Energy Management and Modeling System, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence to Business Application Integration thus enabling the company to achieve overall operational excellence and maximize the true potential of real-time information while minimizing downtime.

We are looking to give you real-time operations to drive production efficiency, improve quality, reducing Downtime and implement best-practice standards. We're here to answer all your questions as below:

“How do I improve my existing equipment?”
“Do I need to upgrade my automation landscape?”
"How do I optimize energy consumption and decreasing the cost?”
"How do I go about implementing the project to ensure zero-downtime?”
"How do I connect my control automation data to ERP systems and data intelligence platforms?”

Lean renders solutions in the automation technology space from shop floor to the top floor against a backdrop of continuous improvement. Also, these solutions help to produce higher quality products with consistent metallurgical properties, while boosting yields and minimizing energy costs to reduce your cost-per-ton.

We cover the landscape of metals operations implementing projects in Primary, Secondary, Finishing, and Material Handling with a focus on delivering business and operational benefits such as:

  • Yield Improvement/Productivity Optimization
  • Process Control Improvements
  • Inventory Control/Material Tracking
  • Quality Management/Knowledge Management
  • Downtime & Delay Reduction
  • Energy Management and Modeling
  • Integration with ERP-System
  • Production Scheduling
  • Material Tracking
  • Trip Recording (Ultra Fast Data Acquisition)
  • Crew Management
  • Equipment Operation Monitoring
  • Alert Management

Lean has implemented solutions in many facets of the metals environment including:

  • Iron Making
  • Steelmaking
  • Hot Strip Mills
  • Rod & Bar Mills
  • Pickle Lines, Galvanizing Lines, Annealing Lines, Polishing Lines
  • Slitting and Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Tube and Forming Mills
  • Continuous Paint Lines, Coating Lines