Oil & Gas

Lean has focused on maximizing plant performance through innovative process control system solutions. Our wide range of experience and in-depth knowledge of process control in the Oil& Gas makes us highly qualified to provide integrated control system solutions and services. Our solution can enable oil & gas companies to achieve new levels of safe, optimal performance in key operational areas and gaining unmatched capabilities to improve profitability through improved utilization, reduced energy usage and increased reliability.

Lean Automation has proven capabilities that deliver real-time information to increase efficiencies, enable faster decision-making, integrate systems and standardize processes across multiple plants. For you, business improvement might mean increased efficiency and productivity. In an industry where downtime costs more than in any other, it might mean tighter asset management and condition monitoring. You could be looking to reduce energy consumption, upgrade legacy systems or make better use of the data you generate via data mining.

Specifically developed for enterprise deployments, Lean is the choice for many Oil & Gas companies around the world.

Solutions/Application Portfolio for Oil & Gas

  • Advanced Process Control (APC)
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
  • Plant Information Management System
  • Enterprise Asset Management Integration (EAMi)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft)
  • Energy Management Information System
  • CEMS and Process Analyzers
  • Inline/Online Blenders
  • Tank Farm Automation
  • Pipeline metering and leak detection


We have a staff of registered professional engineers and control systems specialists with expertise in Engineering, Automation, Commissioning, and Project Management allowing our company to offer a complete and fully documented design package that meets the requirements of the end user.

System Upgrade & Migration

Lean provides Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Upgrade & Migration Services That Minimize Downtime and Maximize Productivity, Safety & Process Planning. As guardians and custodians of our clients’ assets on project and maintenance tasks, we are keenly aware of the risks associated with transitioning from one platform to another. We developed a process to migrate Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) that is both safe and effective with minimized risk. We build our foundation on the premise that a complete understanding of the operated process systems is necessary to effectively convert controls, networks, or other technologies. Our functional and operational knowledge of Honeywell TDC, Rockwell, Siemens, ABB, and other DCS and PLC legacy systems within the refinery world makes us an ideal choice to convert to newer technologies.

A Proven Track Record With

  • Emerson Delta V
  • Allen Bradley PLC 2/30, PLC 5 and ControlLogix
  • Honeywell TDC/TPS and Experion
  • ABB Masterpiece, Symphony Harmony (Bailey Infi 90), Sattcon, Symphony Melody (Hartmann & Braun Contronic P/S) and Industrial IT
  • Siemens S5 & S7
  • Yokogawa Centum CS/VP

Safety Systems

Providing Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Services to our clients. We understand the risks involved in the design of a system that must respond consistently and predictably to potentially hazardous conditions.

Why Lean

  • Extensive Oil& Gas Downstream, Midstream and Upstream industry Knowledge
  • Extensive Reference Base – Open to Visit
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) by engaging Lean Centre of Excellence
  • Best – Fit Solutions
  • Effective Global and Local Support
  • Comprehensive Training for users and engineers